You don't eat lamb every day, so when you decide to take this ultimate gourmet experience, you choose the best !

Come with your family, dear friends or business partners and enjoy young lamb every day until 11pm.

To celebrate our 50 year anniversary, we offer high-quality lamb from Drniš and the hinterland of Sibenik (Dalmatian hinterland) .

Our offer includes:

  • Cooked lamb
  • Roasted lamb
  • Lamb "ispod peke"
  • Grilled lamb
  • Meat grill on charcoal
  • Grilled goose liver
  • Boiled oxtail
  • Sirloin (pork loin) with eggs

In addition to high-quality lamb at which Trnjanka is regarded as the best restaurant for that type of food , you can enjoy a wide selection of other dishes.

We're offering hot brunches every day between 11am and 3pm.